Lower Bluff Walk Phase Two

Design and presentation graphics for Nelson Byrd Woltz Landscape Architects and Kennon Williams Landscape Studio

Part of the larger revitalization plan for the historic core of the City of Lynchburg, Phase Two of the Lower Bluff Walks project provides Public and ADA access to the spine of the downtown area for a new, mixed-use cultural district with galleries, shops, cafes, courtyards and overlooks. While pedestrian and vehicular access to the waterfront is a primary motive of the design, the team wanted to promote the importance of visual connections to the river as well. The city’s fortunes developed from James River trade in the nineteenth century, yet views of the river are curiously rare in the contemporary scheme.

Sketchwell developed several models like this one to help stakeholders visualize proposed improvements in a multi-million dollar revitalization of major public spaces in Downtown Lynchburg, Virginia. The models also helped inform design decisions as a team of architects, landscape architects, engineers and designers helped the city re-imagine and prioritize functional and aesthetic considerations.

In addition, Sketchwell prepared information graphics such as annotated maps to clarify and prioritize improvements. Along with the 3-D visualizations, these graphics helped stakeholders reimagine the Downtown Lynchburg and generated enthusiasm as well as funding for public projects that will bring renewed prosperity to this once-vibrant city.